Hup Hoe Credit

Hup Hoe Credit (HHC) is a Singapore licensed moneylender established for the primary purpose of providing personal loans in Singapore and assist with accessible credit to individuals, businessmen and foreigners in Singapore. The company has a team of trusted professionals dedicated to offer the best possible loan services to clients with varying financial needs. With HHC, loans are made easy through a convenient, practical and straightforward loan process.

Since Hop Hoe Credit foundation, its mission is to provide immediate financial solution to those who are in need. The company is committed to provide assistance to individuals and organisations and eventually establish a reliable long-term partnership with its clients. Additionally, HHC makes sure that clients could avail of various Singapore loans with its simple and easy loan application. HHC’s clients are primarily individuals looking for immediate and competitive Singapore loans, entrepreneurs, as well as seasoned investors who want to expand their business and eventually maximise their profits.